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​Clients & Experience

Guidance Consultancy works closely with organisations to create and deliver an essential advantage to survive and to thrive in an ever-changing world.


We have been involved in the most celebrated successes, providing foresight, deep functional expertise, a practical approach to building capabilities, bringing about impactful change.


Our clients expect exceptional results, and we are privileged to play such a pivotal role in our clients’ success stories.


We provide tailored, bespoke consultancy, research and project management expertise to a multi-disciplinary range of leading organisations, think tanks, policy - research institutes and financial institutions in the UK.


Our recent clients include but are not limited to: 

• Barclaycard

• Nationwide Bank

• HSBC Bank

• Scottish Widows

• The Royal Bank of Scotland



Ac​hieving enviable results,

Guidance Consultancy is continuously looking to increase its client portfolio.

Join companies like these to achieve results enjoyed by so many of our clients.

We will help you to achieve your goals.

“Played an integral part in a large organizational change resulting in savings of over £2m.”


C. Ledger, Deputy DOF, St. George’s University of London


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